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Records multiple videos at the same time

Every Live, Every Time: That's GREC:Recorder's Promise!

Ever missed a Live video because multiple favorite profiles went Live simultaneously? Say goodbye to that frustration with GREC:Recorder

Key Features:

  • Automatically detect, record, and save Live videos from any Instagram profile.
  • Works seamlessly in the background — go about other tasks on your phone without a hitch.
  • No internet? No problem. Record Live videos even without a connection.

Discover the only app tailored to ensure you never miss another Instagram Live video.

Recording Multiple Instagram Live Videos Has Never Been Easier!

GREC:Recorder allows unlimited simultaneous recordings of Instagram Live videos.

Step 1

Step 1. Click

Click on the plus button to select Instagram profiles you want to record when they goes live.

Step 2

Step 2. Select

Select Instagram profiles you want to add to the auto-recording list by clicking on the rec button.

Step 3

Step 3. Enjoy

After the live video end, you will be able to watch online or download a video to your device.

4 Key Benefits of GREC:Recorder

  • Auto-Archive Your IG Lives:
  • Do you host Instagram Lives? Let us handle the archiving. Automatically.

  • Never Miss a Live Video:
  • Follow many IG profiles that go live? We track and record every Live video from profiles you follow.

  • Midway Record, Full Capture:
  • Begin recording at any point during the video and still obtain the entire footage from the start.

  • Absolutely Free:
  • That's right! GREC:Recorder (a.k.a igliverec) is yours to use at no cost. Just download and dive in.

4 Reason Why You Need GREC:Recorder
Cloud sotrage

Cloud Storage up to 5TB

No more worries about storage - all videos will be archived in the cloud.

Record Multiple Profiles

Record Multiple Profiles

You can easily record multiple profiles at the same time.

Record Long Videos

Record Long Videos

No matter how long the video is - the app will record it for you.

Automatically Records

Automatically Records

Record LIVE videos automatically - even when your phone is offline.

Download instagram videos/stories

Download HD Videos

Download videos directly to your mobile device or watch videos online.

Bookmark video records

Favorites List

You may occasionally want to save a videos to your favorites list.

What Sets GREC Apart

Discover how GREC Recorder's exclusive features outshine the competition, offering unparalleled quality and innovation in the world of recording apps.

Features List
GREC logo


XRecorder logo


AZ Recorder logo

AZ Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder


HD Quality Recording
Multiple-Profile Recording
Offline Recording
Cloud Archive
Unlimited Downloads
Favourites List
Anonymous Recording
Midway Record, Full Capture

❓Frequently Ask Question

All Your Questions Answered: Get the Most Out of GREC:Recorder

No, they won't! You will remain completely Anonymous!🕵️
Yes, indeed! The app allows you to record multiple videos at the same time from different accounts. Plus, you can continue using your phone for other tasks while the live recordings happen in the background.
Yes, you can download recorded videos in HD quality or watch them online.
Absolutely yes! The app uses server-side recording technology, which means your Instagram videos can be recorded in the background while your phone is offline.
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What Happy Customers Say?

Find out why people love this app!

Ivone Tan
Lifesaver for IG Lives

Honestly, the GREC app has been a lifesaver. Never miss a live now. It's not without its quirks though, especially on the free tier. Premium’s where the party’s at.

Tyler G.
Go premium for the full experience.

Was skeptical about GREC, but it turned out to be pretty awesome. The auto-record feature is a game-changer. Free plan is a teaser

Reliable Recording

The GREC app is pretty reliable for recording live vids. The free version was too restrictive for me, but the premium plan has been great. Their Telegram support team is quick to resolve any issues.

Emma B.
The one and only!

Honestly, GREC's changed the game for IG lives. Thumbs up!

IG Live Record, Made Easy

Okay, so the GREC app is a decent tool for Instagram fans. The auto-record feature is cool when you can't catch lives. Had some bugs but nothing the support team couldn't handle. Premium's way better than the free plan.

Real-Time Saver

Solid app with GREC, especially if you can't catch IG lives in real-time. Took a minute to get used to the interface, and the free plan was a bit underwhelming. Premium's the real deal, though.

What People Say?

Find out why people love this app!

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