1. Click on the "Account" tab icon.

2. Locate and click on the "Plus" button.

3. Input your Instagram account details in the appropriate fields.

4. Once done, click on "Submit".

Congratulations, you have successfully added your Instagram account!

Please note: Occasionally, you may encounter issues, receiving a message stating that you've entered incorrect details. This is due to Instagram's security protocols. If this happens, don't worry! Just try again later, or consider adding a different account.

Open Instagram app click on user profile which is currently live. Select three dots at the right top corner and click on Copy Profile URL. A notification will popup with a message click on it and you will be taken to IGLiveRec app. Now you can start recording.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Step 6.

If you are encountering errors like:

"Sorry, there was a problem with your request.",

"Sorry your password was incorrect. Please double-check your password.",

"Error: We couldn't find and account with the username "XYZ". Check the username you entered and try again." or similar errors.

In theory, this could be a shadow ban that some users may face. Typically, if you encounter such an error, you should wait for some time and try again, or you can try using a VPN, as it helps in some cases. If you still can't add the account, unfortunately, you may need to use a different account. The one you are trying to use is likely flagged due to security reasons, possibly from attempting to log in through a third-party app, and it may require more time for the restrictions to be lifted.

If you are having trouble getting the auto recording feature to work on the GREC app, please make sure that you have turned on your live notifications in the Instagram app by following these steps:

1. Click on the three bars icon

2. Select "Settings and privacy"

3. Click on "Notifications"

4. Look for the "Live and Reels" section

5. Check the "Live Videos" tab and turn it ON.

The "Unlock History" feature allows you to access a selected account's past videos. The number of these videos is displayed under the account profile. All videos are delivered in the best quality available and are linked to your account, which uses up your storage space.

If the account isn't set to auto-record in your "Recording List," new videos won't be added automatically. In that case, you'd need to use the unlock feature each time a new video appears.

Please note that the "Unlock History" feature only unlocks videos that have been recorded up to that point and does not provide new live video updates. To receive live updates, you must ensure that the auto-record feature is enabled, you have the profile in your "Recording List," and there is sufficient storage space available on your account.

Remember, to download videos in HD, you need a premium plan.

Don't worry if your storage is full; you can still unlock as many videos as you want. However, the auto-record feature won't work—it needs free storage space.

To continue using the auto-record feature, you'll need to either free up some space or upgrade your storage.

To find your ID, click on the Settings icon (3 bars) and look at the bottom of the page where you'll find your version number and ID. Share your ID in our Telegram channel at https://t.me/igliverec to get support.

Make sure you have added the user to the auto-record list and turned on notifications in Instagram (refer to the FAQ section on how to enable notifications). Ensure you have an active session. Occasionally, a shadow ban can occur. In this case, there's nothing you can do about it; you need to wait until it's lifted.

Locating Downloaded Files on Android:

When the app downloads content, it saves them in a specific directory which might not be directly accessible from your standard file viewer or gallery app. However, you can easily find them by using your device's storage manager. Here's how:

  1. Accessing Storage Manager:

    • Go to your device's Settings.

    • Navigate to Storage or Storage & USB or My Files (this might vary depending on your device and Android version).

    • Tap on Internal Storage or a similar option.

  2. Finding the Folder:

    • Scroll through the list and look for a folder named Movies.

    • Inside the Movies folder, there should be a sub-folder named IGLiveRecord.

All the content downloaded by the app will be stored in this IGLiveRecord folder. You can access, view, or manage the files directly from there.

For IOS devices:

When you're looking to download videos on your iOS device, it's essential to be aware of how Apple handles video storage, especially if the video is of significant size. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Storage Requirements:

    • Ensure you have at least triple the space of the video size you intend to download. For instance, if the video is 1GB, aim to have at least 3GB of free storage.

    • The reason for this is Apple's use of an internal compression system. When you download a video, iOS temporarily requires extra space to store the video and then decompress it.

  2. Video Appearance in Gallery:

    • If your device runs out of space during the download or decompression process, the video might not show up in your Photos app (gallery).

    • After a successful download, especially for large videos, there might be a delay before the video appears in your gallery. This is because iOS is completing the decompression process.

  3. Recommendation:

    • Before initiating a big video download, it's a good practice to check your available storage by going to Settings > General > [Device] Storage.

    • If you're near capacity, consider offloading some files or apps temporarily to make space.

It's always good to be proactive about storage, especially with large files. Regularly backing up your device and managing storage can help ensure smooth downloads and overall better performance.

Re-login may be required due to various reasons, but one of the common causes is "shadow ban". This occurs when you perform many actions on Instagram. However, this usually goes away on its own after a few hours to days, and your profile will return to normal. To avoid the shadow ban, it is recommended to minimize the number of profiles in your auto-recording list and to avoid accessing your Instagram profile for a period of time.

  1. Swipe left on the video you want to delete.

  2. Click on the "OK" button to confirm deletion.

If you want to delete all records from a selected profile:

  1. Click on the three-dots icon in the top right corner.

  2. Click on "Delete all videos".

  3. Click on the "Delete" button.

Note: All recordings will be deleted and there will be no way to recover them.

Side note: By proceeding this way, recordings in the "Favorites List" will not be deleted.

Shadow ban is a term used to describe a temporary ban on an Instagram account that restricts certain actions such as following, searching, accessing profiles, viewing live videos, receiving notifications, etc. This ban is usually triggered by performing many actions on the platform, such as having a large number of profiles in your auto-recording list on the GREC app or attempting to add many profiles at once to the auto-rec list.

In Accounts tab to access actions buttons you need to swipe from right to left, from there you will see Re-login, Mute, Delete buttons.

Re-Login = You need to perform this action when your IG account session expired.

Disconnect = If you having issues with auto rec, or for some reasons you want to stop recording.

Mute = Will hide error bade; For example your IG account got locked and you will note the red bade on the bottom right side, so lets say this account had many record, and you don't want to delete it, so you just press mute button and the error bade goes away.

Delete = Will remove account from the list. ALERT! It will remove all records associated with this accounts too, so if you want to keep records, use Mute button instead.

The duration of a shadow ban on Instagram can vary depending on the account and the specific scenario. However, shadow bans typically last for a few hours to a few days and eventually lift on their own.

Some RAW recordings may experience playback issues on native iOS players when downloaded, such as a frozen picture with only sound. To resolve this, the video must be re-encoded for compatibility with the iOS player or played using a third-party player like VLC.

To re-encode a video, press the "Re-encode this video" button. The process may take up to 12 hours. Once completed, the re-encoded video will appear under the name "RHD", indicating that it has been re-encoded and is available for download.

Note that this button is only available on iOS devices, as Android devices do not have the same playback issues with RAW videos.

RHD stands for "Re-Encoded HD" video, which is a version of the video that has a fixed frame rate to allow it to play on iOS devices when downloaded. However, it may have minimal quality loss. Android users can also access this version of the video when available.

Don't worry, the built-in app player plays only the RAW quality with HD selection, which is only available for Premium members.

Re-encoded videos do not take up any space in your cloud storage.

To avoid triggering Instagram's spam filter, you need to build your auto-rec list slowly. When you press the REC button, it sends a command to Instagram to receive all notifications for that profile. If you add too many profiles at once, you will be sending too many commands, which could trigger the spam filter. Therefore, it is important to build your auto-rec list gradually, day by day, instead of all at once in a single session. This way, you can warm up your account and avoid triggering the spam filter.

No, the other users and the video host are unaware that you are recording them. You remain absolutely anonymous.

If you're encountering a "network error, try again stream" message, it could be due to several reasons. It might be peak traffic hours causing server congestion, which typically resolves after a while, allowing downloads to proceed. Alternatively, the video might be corrupted, blocked, or no longer available for download. Using a VPN can sometimes help, as it may circumvent regional restrictions or network issues.